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Society: Voluntary repatriations from DRC to Congo ends June

Voluntary repatriations from DR Congo - Voluntary repatriations for DR Congolese refugees from Congo's northern town of Likoula will end 30 June, according to a statement issued after a meeting involving the two countries and the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

During the tripartite meeting over the weekend, participants took stock of the repatriation programme and decided on joint measures to encourage the refugees to voluntarily return home.

The meeting paid a particular attention to the case of DRC refugees’ children born in Congo, who have no birth certificates.

It was decided that they should be identified and their names given to the DRC authorities to provide them with birth certificates.

The meeting also stressed the need to train both countries’ security agents so they can adequately protect the civilian population in the return zones.

Since the start of the repatriation in May 2012, 109,205 DRC refugees have returned home, according to figures provided by UNHCR.

Pana 18/02/2014