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President Sata attracts opposition's disdain over 'useless MPs' comment

Lusaka, Zambia - Zambian opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) says President Michael Sata’s recent statement, that most of his members of parliament (MPs) are useless, confirms its belief that the ruling party does not have men and women with the capacity to bring about meaningful social and economic development.

“We however do not find Mr Sata’s lamentations strange because we have always known that the PF (Patriotic Front) is a collection of men and women with low caliber without an iota of knowledge on governing the nation,” MMD youth wing national coordinator Bowman Lusambo said Monday.

President Sata was quoted by the independent Post newspaper as saying most PF MPs are useless and that he would not even look at their application papers in 2016 when the next general elections are scheduled.

He said the PF would carefully scrutinise the candidates in 2016 to avoid adopting members of parliament who will turn out to be irrelevant.

'Most of you are useless and in 2016, I will not even look at your application papers,' President Sata told MPs on Saturday that had lined up to introduce themselves to the audience in Katuba, where the President had gone to address a rally.

Lusambo said President’s Sata’s statement was an indication that the ruling party would never bring development to Zambia.

“The current crop of useless MPs is the ones stressing President Sata and costing his health. We therefore appeal to President Sata to call for early elections which will save him from the trouble of running government with useless MPs,” he said.

The MMD official said parliament plays a key role in a democratic dispensation and that it is a disservice to have a house with useless members of the ruling party.

“We are also concerned that having useless MPs from the ruling party is a great cost to the nation. Our humble appeal is also extended to the affected MPs to examine their conscious and ask themselves if they should continue drawing huge allowances at public expense when they are useless to this nation,” Lusambo added.

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