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Libya: PM reaffirms Parliament's confidence in Government

Tripoli, Libya - Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has dismissed the statement by the spokesman of the General National Congress (CNG-Parliament), Omar Hameidane, that claimed Parliament no longer had confidence in the government.

'These statements are personal and do not reflect the views of other members of Parliament who back the continuation of the current government team,' Mr. Zeidan said during a press briefing on Wednesday in Tripoli.

'I had a telephone conversation with Omar Hameidane and I told him that these statements are personal and are not necessarily the official position of the General National Congress, because many of its members are always favourable to the government ...,' the Prime Minister said.

Last Sunday, the spokesman of Parliament announced that the Prime Minister had submitted to GNC members a proposed cabinet reshuffle to gain the confidence of Parliament but the institution refused to consider the proposal ahead of the vote on a no-confidence motion in the government in the coming days.

But Mr. Zeidan said Mr Hameidane had no right to raise this issue without a formal decision by the General National Congress.

Pana 14/02/2014