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Violence against media practitioners in Libya

Reporters without borders condemn violence against media practitioners in Libya - Reporters without borders on Wednesday condemned the violence targeting media practitioners in Libya, four of whom were abducted recently in the capital, Tripoli.

PANA recalls that on Tuesday, four reporters were abducted during two different operations in Tripoli together with a team of the State-owned Libyan television.

A statement issued by the management of channel said no information was available to them concerning the whereabouts of cameramen Fadan Husein al-Sakit and Ibrahim Abdel Daim as well as the journalist Ibrahim Abdel Kader Ridha.

A reporter with the Libyan News Agency and Editor-in-chief of the newspaper, ‘Tripoli’, Youness Ali Youness, was abducted as he was getting out of a coffee shop here.

He was finally released Wednesday afternoon.

Reporters without borders has expressed concern about the degrading situation in the country, three years after the 2011 popular uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi.

It urged the transitional Libyan authorities to intensify the efforts in a bid to improve the working conditions of journalists by providing them with safe environment so that they can carry out their work of informing the general public properly without fearing for their lives.

Pana 14/02/2014