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Gender-based violence in Mauritius

Mauritians to march against gender-based violence - Mauritian Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare Minister Mireille Martin announced Thursday that a protest march would be held in the nation's capital, Port Louis, next Wednesday 'to say an unequivocal NO to violence' and to advocate for peace in the society.

PANA reports that the march follows a series of  violence committed against women since the beginning of the year, with five women killed in one week alone.

Speaking at the second meeting of the National Platform to End Gender-Based Violence, held in Port-Louis, the Minister said 'these acts are to be unanimously and strongly condemned, for they not only destroyed the life of a woman, of a mother, of a wife, but also harmed a family and brought acute suffering to the children and relatives.'

Mrs Martin said Gender-Based Violence (GBV) concerns everybody, and called for strong commitment from each individual forming part of the civil society.

She highlighted the urgency in speeding up actions, developing new strategies and strengthening existing measures in order to eliminate GBV.

The Minister called upon the people to join the march wearing a symbolic white ribbon to express the need for peace in the family and for a non-violent society.

Pana 14/02/2014