Last updateSam, 24 Jan 2015 10pm

Human rights top priority in Guinea

Government makes respect for human rights top priority - Guinea is engaged in a process of democratic transition that requires it to put issues of human rights at the heart of its socio-political priorities, Diaby Gassama Khalifa, Minister of Human Rights and Civil Liberties, told a press conference in Conakry on  Wednesday.

Mr. Diaby gave the assurance that this would become 'a livable reality' in the country, although the fight would be difficult and long. However, he added, that if citizens rejected all forms of bias, Guinea would eventually succeed in taking up the challenge for the perfect establishment of the rule of law.

He also announced an action plan built on 12 priority areas, including the organization of a national human rights conference, introduction of human rights subjects in curricula of schools from the 2015 academic year and the revitalization of the national reconciliation process.

The celebration of Citizenship Week, the project in support of women and minors in conflict with the law and adoption of a law on torture are also among the priorities of the Ministry of Human Rights and Civil Liberties, which was established in 2012.

'A nation is great when it is able to guarantee to each citizen, each group of its citizens and all persons living on its territory an environment and a lifestyle that ensure dignity, justice and protection of their rights and civil liberties,' Mr. Diaby said.

On achievements of the ministry, he said that it had contributed to political appeasement, mediation, pedagogy, awareness creation and campaigns against all forms of violence, ensuring that Guinea was now committed permanently to the path of building a society of law, dignity and freedom.

Pana 13/02/2014