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London summit on ivory

African NGOs to attend London summit on ivory - Several environment organizations will on Thursday participate in a summit to be hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron to call for a permanent ban on international and domestic markets of ivory and as well as the destruction of all ivory stockpiles confiscated by governments.

Experts estimate that 50,000 elephants were killed in 2013 to meet the demand for ivory, especially from China, according to environment NGOs.

The summit will be attended by several world leaders, according to the organisers.

'This level of poaching has not been seen since the 1980s. If an urgent action is not taken to immediately close the ivory market, elephants may soon disappear in some parts of Africa and Asia,' according to Robin des Bois, an NGO on the protection of mankind and the environment.

'Over the past six years, the authorities in Africa, Asia and other continents have intercepted large quantities of illegal ivory but these account for only 10% of contraband ivory including 45 tons seized in 2013 alone,' the NGO said.

It added that most of the ivory ended up in China to be sold as chopsticks, jewelry and sculptures.

The NGO also indicated that Japan was also a major consumer of ivory.

'The speeches, money, control actions are not enough to save elephants as long as there will be no immediate permanent ban on global trade in ivory,' the NGO added .

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