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Importation of dried milk into Senegal

West African Development Bank (WADB) finances importation of dried milk into Senegal - The West African Development Bank (WADB) on Tuesday granted a 4 billion CFA F loan to the African Company for processing, repackaging and Trade (SATREC) to import dried milk to Senegal, PANA learnt Wednesday from official sources.

The Bank reported that in March 2003, SATREC received 2.400 billion CFA F from the West African financial institution for the partial financing of the project to establish a sterilized milk, butter and margarine production units whose total cost was estimated at 7.242 billion CFA F.

The loan agreement was signed by Christian Adovelande, President of WADB, Laurent Basque, CEO of Bank of Africa (BOA), Senegal, and Haidous Chaouki, president and CEO of SATREC.

Pana 13/02/2014