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Environment/Niger: Authorities launch war against dirt

Niamey, Niger - Authorities in Niger on Wednesday launched a national environmental campaign across the country, in an attempt to ensure a clean country, PANA reported here.

The Minister of Environment, Chaïfou Adamou, who launched the scheme, said: 'Our cities are dirty, even too dirty,' blaming the situation on a rapid urbanization which has generated a great deal of domestic waste even though there are no mechanisms for managing them.

“The quick urbanization has not been accompanied by the establishment of adequate infrastructures and equipment in terms of waste management. Only 50 per cent of the domestic waste is effectively collected and disposed of,' the minister lamented.

Niamey alone produced more than 291,000 tons of waste in 2010; 300,000 tons in 2011 and 318,000 tons in 2012.

The minister also pointed accusing fingers to Nigeriens' poor attitude to cleanliness.

In Nigerien cities, wastes are dumped indiscriminately in the open.

Pana 13/02/2014