Last updateSam, 24 Jan 2015 10pm

Libya: Gunmen kidnap newspaper editor in Libya

Tripoli, Libya - Unidentified gunmen on Monday kidnapped Ali Younoss, the Chief Editor of the Libyan newspaper, 'Tripoli', the Libyan news agency reported Tuesday, quoting the Commissioner in charge of security and stability, Nasser al-Karbaoui.

The agency said the journalist was kidnapped in front of a Coffee shop in central Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

'The national security authority in Tripoli as well as check-points across the capital city have been informed about this kidnapping,' he said, adding that this was the third kidnapping case in the area in one week.

The agency quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the kidnappers wore military uniforms and operated in a white car.

According to the agency, cases of kidnapping and other crimes, particularly against local authorities, judges, military and police officers as well as political activists and journalists,
have risen following the inability of the government to check impunity on the part of criminals.

Pana 12/02/2014