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Potable water needs in Africa

Africa requires US$45b per year to meet potable water needs - Africa must invest US$45 billion annually in order to meet its drinking water needs,  Idrissa Doucoure, Executive Secretary of Water and Sanitation in Africa, said here.

Doucoure said at the just-ended International Forum on infrastructure in Africa, held in the Congolese capital, Brazzaville, that with the traditional sources of funding now at its limit, there was the need to explore other areas, including public-private partnership, to source the massive capital needed to develop infrastructure in Africa.

He lamented that in Africa, governments do not give drinking water infrastructure the same attention as those of transport, sports and telecommunication.

'Most often, when we talk about infrastructure, we often refer to roads, highways, airports and we forget the basic infrastructure which includes drinking water and sanitation infrastructure,' Doucoure said.

He said nearly 300 million Africans do not have access to drinking water.

'We talk about an Emerging Africa by 2020 or 2025 , but this emergence will occur only if every person in Africa has access to safe drinking water, ' he said.

He commended the efforts of the Republic of Congo, which produces about 10,000 cubic metres of water daily, and for its plan to drill 4,000 boreholes in the rural areas.

'I think these are examples that deserve to be known in Africa and to be shared so that we can solve water and sanitation problems,' he said.

Pana 11/02/2014