Last updateSam, 31 Jan 2015 10am

Libya: MPs resignation illegal - Congress spokesman

Tripoli, Libya - Libya's General National Congress (CNG-Parliament) has described as illegal the resignation of some of its members, saying the resignations will not be accepted.

CNG spokesman Omar Hameidane said on Saturday that the resignation did not go through the normal process.

The MPs announced their resignation from the body through the media following Friday's protests in Libya's main cities against the extension of GNC's tenure.

'The Presidency of GNC has not received from its members any official resignation,' Mr. Hameidane said, adding that those who resigned are free to reconsider their decision.

Confirming the illegality of the resignations, a member of the legislation and laws committee of of the GNC, Mahmoud Al- Gharyani, said any resignation must be tabled formally before being read to the members of the GNC.

Mr. Al- Gharyani said the Parliament cannot accept the resignation of a member if it is not formally presented and that the rules shall be applied to any member who fails to attend the Congress sessions.

Thousands of Libyans protested Friday against the extension of the GNC's tenure till December 2014.

The GNC was elected in July 2012 with a mandate to prepare for the election of the constituent authority and hold general elections within 18 months.

The Congress' mandate ended on 7 Feb., in accordance with the country's interim constitution.

Pana 10/02/2014