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Development: Social unrest threatens achievement of MDGs

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Benin - The Non-Governmental Organisation Social Watch Benin has warned that the social unrest in Benin could prevent the country from achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The MDGs are the eight international development goals that were established following the UN Millennium Summit in 2000. At the summit, UN member states committed to achieving the MDGs by 2015.

The NGO, which specializes in the promotion of good governance, said the incessant strikes in the country would hinder its ability to achieve the goals, even though it has all it takes to do so.

In the last few months, workers in the health and justice sectors have been observing a 3-day strike every week, while the Beninese government has since 7 Jan. been facing a general strike called by the main trade unions.

Pana 09/02/2014