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US delegation protests Iranian remarks at Tunisia Constitution launch

Tunis, Tunisia - The US delegation at celebrations marking the launch of the new Tunisian constitution, left their seat here on Friday in protest against the hostile comments by the Speaker of Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, reliable sources told PANA.

The sources said the Iranian Speaker accused the US and Israel of working to cause trouble in Islamic countries and of attempting to stop the Arab revolution to their own benefit.

He alleged that the Iranian nuclear dossier was 'fabricated by big powers' who already knew that Iran was not considering possessing nuclear weapons.

According to Larijani, 'Muslims are not second-class peoples. Oil resources are in Islamic countries. We don't need alm, but we want to live in peace.'

Reacting to the accusations, the US embassy in Tunis denounced what it called 'false accusations'.

'The US representatives attending the national constituent assembly (ANC) left the ceremony because of the false accusations and inappropriate comments made by the Iranian representatives,' said the statement.

It lamented that 'what should be a ceremony honouring the gains achieved by Tunisia was used by the Iranian representative as platform to denounce the US'.

The US delegation was led by the deputy-secretary of State for Maghreb affairs, William Roebuck.

Pana 09/02/2014