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Last updateMar, 27 Jan 2015 9am


Speaker of Iranian Parliament criticizes the West

The Speaker of Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, has, in a speech on the occasion of the celebration of the new Tunisian Constitution, strongly criticized the western world in general and Israel in particular, describing it as 'cancer'.

Mr Larijani criticized the West for its policy in the Arab sub-region and the Islamic world which, according to him, contributed to the division of Arab and Islamic countries, despite their geographic and religious units.

The criticisms angered the US delegation which walked out of the Constituent assembly room as a sign of protest.

The US embassy later released a statement to explain the decision of the US delegation to leave the ceremony held to celebrate the Tunisian gains.

'What was meant to celebrate the Tunisian gains was used as platform to criticize the US; the US representatives at the ceremony left the Constituent assembly room because of the false accusations and inaccurate comments ..., says the communiqué.

Pana 08/02/2014