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Cancer: 586 new cases of cancer reported in Mali 2013

Mali recorded 586 new cases of cancer in 2013, an increase of 12% compared to the 2008 figures, PANA learnt during a video conference Thursday at the Radisson Blu Hotel of Bamako.

Organized by the French Association Onco - Mali and the Paris-based Marie Curie Institute, the video conference brought together partners to celebrate the World Cancer Day with the view to raising Malian population’s awareness on the issues relating to the treatment of cancer in Africa, particularly in Mali.

'As for blood disorders, all blood cancers, we have about 50,000 new cases in sub-Saharan Africa, including 80% deaths. There is then a problem of accurate diagnosis and therapy because patients have no access to treatment,' Dr. Madani Ly of the  Gabriel Touré University Hospital (CHU) in Bamako, said.

In the opinion of specialists, the disease has gained ground and is spreading wildly in the country.

Among all types of cancer, breast cancer is more devastating in Mali.

According to statistics, from January 2007 to October 2009, a total of 2,144 new patients were hospitalized due to breast cancers, lymphoma, chronic myeloid leukemia, among others.

According to experts, this situation can be explained by the high incidence of infectious diseases with oncogenic risk and also by the limited national and international prevention policies.

In Mali, despite a limited national prevention policy, the government, with the assistance of its national and international partners, is taking measures to ensure treatment of people with cancer.

In this regard, the government has decided to subsidize chemotherapy which became free since 2009. Since then, over 250 patients have already benefited from chemotherapy.

As part of these measures, a radiotherapy centre will soon be opened at the hôspital du Mali , in the district of Bamako, shere patients will be diagnosed and guided.

Pana 08/02/2014