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Moscow, Tripoli agree on protection of Russian embassy in Libya

Russian embassy in Libya - Russia has reached an agreement with Libyan authorities on how best to protect its embassy in Tripoli, Alexander Lukashevitch, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, announced here Friday.

'The Russian Ambassador Ivan Molotkov returned to Tripoli on 1 February after a Russian diplomatic mission visited the Libyan capital on 8 January following assurances given by the Libyan authorities to strengthen security around the Russian embassy in Libya,' he said.

Russian diplomats had left Libya following an attack on the headquarters of their diplomatic mission on 3 October.

'The resumption of activities at the Russian Embassy in Tripoli will involve the defence of the interests of Russian citizens in Libya and support for Russian companies operating in the north African country,' Lukashevitch said.

He welcomed Libya's destruction of its chemical weapons stockpiles inherited from the Mouammar Kadhafi regime.

The Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdel Aziz. announced on 4 February the destruction of chemical weapons, including bombs filled with mustard gas, in collaboration with the International Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Lukashevitch stressed the importance of the destruction, saying the measure was in compliance with Libya's commitments under the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons that Tripoli has signed in 2004.

He argued, in this regard, Libya needs to make greater efforts to eliminate all components of chemical weapons left before December 2016.

Pana 08/02/2014