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WHO: Mali: Former Malian Health Minister guns for Africa's top job

Former Malian Health Minister and Currently the Executive Director of the World Programme Against Malaria, Dr. Traoré Fatoumata Nafo, is Mali's official candidate for the post of Regional Director of the World Health Organisation (Africa), PANA reported from here.

Dr. Nafo is basing her candidature on her rich experience in health matters in Mali and on the international scene.

She had worked at national, regional and global levels, mainly at the World Bank and at the WHO where she is currently the Executive Director of the World Programme against Malaria, a public-private partnership programme.

Dr. Nafo said, if given the job, she would share her experiences with African countries in order to help them progress in the struggle for better health.

She also said would mobilize all the necessary resources in the health sector to meet the present challenges.

'Today, we have lots of resources as compared to the last 10 years but there is less tangible results in most of our countries,' she observed.

Analysts say Dr. Nafo will be backed by the 15 ECOWAS countries, representing 30% of the African member-countries of the WHO.

Pana 07/02/2014