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Food insecurity, malnutrition and floods in Mauritania

Humanitarian organizations to mobilize US$ 107 million for Mauritania - Representatives of several international humanitarian organizations ended their two-day mission here Thursday with a resolution to mobilize US$ 107 million with which to assist some 530,000 Mauritanians affected by food insecurity, malnutrition and floods.

'We will make sure that Mauritania remains on the humanitarian agenda. Doors for new partnerships with the government and humanitarian actors are now open,' Atta Al Mana Bakhit, Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs to the organization of the Islamic conference (OIC), told a press conference here.

'After discussions with the communities affected by food insecurity, malnutrition and the impact of floods, we now understood the magnitude of the challenges,' the Assistant Secretary-General for Social Affairs at the Arab League, Ms. Faqca Saced Al Saleh, said.

Mauritania is severely affected by the humanitarian crisis in the Sahel where communities are experiencing drought and struggling to recover from recurrent shocks.

The UN and its partner organizations this week launched a three-year strategic regional response plan for the Sahel.

'The new response plan also emphasizes the need to link humanitarian response to long-term development through new and diverse partnerships,' Ms. Zandi Mar Gadio, Resident Coordinator of the UN System in Mauritania, said.

The high-level humanitarian mission, which visited Mauritania, was made up of representatives of the OIC, the Arab League, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, the African Union (AU), the NGO ECHO, among others.

The mission met with government officials and visited the regions which are worst hit by food insecurity.

Pana 07/02/2014