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Health: Cases of anthrax epizootic recorded in Togo

Anthrax epizootic, a disease that attacks animals and can be transmitted from animals to humans, has hit Nataré district, in the Savanes Region of Togo, according to an official communique from the Prime Minister's Office and the Livestock ministry.

The communique, issued Wednesday in Lome, the capital, said tests on organs removed from the animals at the Dapaong regional Health Centre, confirmed the presence of the disease.

The Health ministry, in collaboration with those of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing, have banned the movement of animals suspected to have contaminated the disease and the displacement of the carcasses of slaughtered animals in area where epizootic is rampant.

Similarly, sick animals must be treated and 'susceptible' animals vaccinated, the communique said, adding that in view of the possibility of transmitting it from animals to humans, the populations have been asked to refrain from eating meat from dead animals or those presenting symtoms of the disease.

The people have also been asked to maintain the highest degree of hygiene.

PANA reports that northern Togo, where animal breeding is rampant, is a fertile ground for the disease despite measures by the authorities to raise awareness and vaccinate animals.

Pana 06/02/2014