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Security situation in Tunisia

Security forces kill alleged murderer of opposition leader Chokri Belaïd - Tunisian security forces have killed seven 'dangerous terrorists', including Kamel Gadhgadhi, the alleged killer of opposition leader Chokri Belaïd, shot dead in February last year outside his house, the Tunisian Interior minister, Lotfi Ben Jeddou, said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference in Tunis, he said there was exchange of fire for more than 20 hours from Monday to Tuesday between the special security units, including the anti-terrorist brigade (BAT), and an armed group in the locality of Raoued.

Belaïd was a prominent secular opponent of the former moderate Islamist-led government and his murder sparked protests around the country.

The minister said one security officer from the national guard (gendarmerie) was killed and two others were injured.

'Despite long talks and attempts to capture them alive, the members of the terrorist group, who were heavily armed, fiercely resisted and refused to surrender, which compelled our forces to eliminate them in Tunis,' said Mr Jeddou.

Among the terrorists killed were Mohamed Naceur Dridi, a specialist in the making of explosives, Haykel Badr and Alaeddine Njahi, who took part with Kamel Gadhgadhi in the massacre in July last year of eight Tunisian soldiers who were slaughtered on the Jebel Chaambi, a mountain located in the centre-west of the country, near the Algerian border.

Pana 05/02/2014