Last updateSam, 31 Jan 2015 10am

Food crisis: Niger moves against projected food crisis

Niamey, Niger - The Nigerien government has unveiled an elaborate programme to cushion the cereal deficit of 343,566 tons that resulted from this year’s agricultural campaign, PANA learnt from official sources in Niamey.

According to an official communiqué, an irrigation programme has been implemented with the objective of cultivating 115,000 hectares of land that can produce about 2,277,360 tons of cereals.

The government has equally taken charge of the precarious situation of the vulnerable population through the intensification of revenue-generating activities and money transfer, management of natural catastrophes, struggle against malnutrition, the strengthening of the information system on food situation and access to food.

Programmes will also be set up regarding the integrated services platforms, water management, animal production diversification and land restoration, the sources said.

About 4,197,614 people or about 23,7% of the population suffer from food insecurity, according to a national government study.

The study warned that projections on the availability of food for the coming months will depend mainly on the evolution of food prices on the markets and on the security situation in the region.

Pana 02/02/2014