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Security/Libya: Libyans say NO to violence

Libyan stakeholders, representing several cities, rose from a meeting here Saturday, saying an emphatic 'NO' to the 'anarchy and violence' ravaging the country, according to a communique issued after the meeting.

At a meeting whose theme was 'For a united and safe country', the participants called on all the tribes in the country to end all forms of violence.

A communiqué, published after the meeting, said the participants also called on all the tribes and clans as well as all ethnic and cultural groups in the country to encourage their people to participate in the reconstruction of a new Libya whose territorial integrity must be defended.

They also asked the National General Congress (NGC), the government and all State institutions to remain committed to the welfare of the population.

'There is no alternative to State institutions, law, justice, national reconciliation and dialogue if Libya intends to achieve a national consensus and adopt a document that will define a modern Libyan State that respects the values of truth, justice and equality,' the communiqué said.

PANA reports that insecurity has remained the order of the day in several Libyan towns, especially Benghazi, where security and military personnel are murdered regularly despite the deployment of security forces there.

Pana 02/02/2014