Last updateSam, 31 Jan 2015 4pm

Security lifts ban on pro-opposition newspaper

The Sudanese security on Saturday lifted the ban imposed on “Rai al Shaab” (People’s Opinion) daily newspaper, sponsored by the opposition Popular Congress party of Islamist Dr. Hassan Turabi.

The official Sudanese News Agency on Saturday quoted Obied Murawah, the Secretary of the National Council for Press and Publications, as saying “all restrictions on Rai al Shaab are now lifted”.

He said the paper, which was shut down for almost one year, could now resume publication 'after completing its administrative and procedural steps with the Council'.

The paper, the organ of the opposition Popular Congress, was shut down for alleged publication of articles deemed a threat to Sudan’s national security.

The Council has given no reasons for lifting the ban though President Omar Al Bashir last week announced arrangements for restoration of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, in what is said to be an initiative by the ruling National Congress Party to engage in unconditional national dialogue that would tackle all differences.

However, the fate of three other daily newspapers, which are still suspended, is not yet known.

The three are Al Maidan of the Sudanese Communist Party, the pro-Islamic Al Tayar, and Al Garidah, a independent daily.  Al Tayar has been suspended for more than a year while Al Garidah was suspended last month.

Pana 02/02/2014