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Madagascar's readmission to African Union

Angola welcomes Madagascar's readmission to AU - Angola has expressed the hope that Madagascar's readmission into the African Union (AU) fold will encourage other State victims of unconstitutional changes of government to speed up restoration of constitutional order.

On the sidelines of the AU 22th session, which opened Thursday in the Ethiopian capital, the Angolan Vice President  Manuel Domingos Vicente, congratulated the Malagasy people for peacefully electing their new president.

'The African Union should always be ready to reward efforts in this sense,' he declared.

In the light of this development, the Angolan VP urged Guinea Bissau to follow the example of Madagascar and overcome its obstacles.

According to Vicente, there is an urgent need for military men to stop interfering in the political process of Guinea Bissau to create stability and conditions for the country's readmission into the AU.

Pana 02/02/2014