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Centre created to enhance security in Tripoli, environs

Tripoli, Libya - Libya, which has been buffeted by insecurity in the aftermath of the 2011 uprising that brought down Mouammar Khadafi, has established a Security Centre in a bid to secure the capital city of Tripoli and neighbouring towns.

The Libyan Council of Ministers announced the creation of the centre, which will have a military force that can be deployed to trouble spots, PANA reported from here Friday.

The Council said on the official government website that the Centre would be placed under the Army’s high command and would include members of the Libyan intelligence services.

It said all the towns near Tripoli, including Al-Jafara, Kassar Ben Gachiram, Janzour and Ras Al-Ghazal, would be placed under the centre, just like the National Peace Authority, the Criminal Enquiry Service and the Central Security Administration.

Pana 01/02/2014