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Last updateSam, 31 Jan 2015 4pm


Survey shows 23.7% of Niger citizens face food insecurity

Food insecurity - Some 4.197 million people in the West African state of Niger, representing 23.7% of the population, are faced with food insecurity, down from 34.9% in 2011, according to a government survey on vulnerability to food insecurity.

The results of the survey released on Wednesday indicate that 7.574 million people, 42.6%, are classified 'at risk', meaning they have weak food security, up from 26.6% in 2010 and 23.1% in 2011.

The survey concludes that food prospects in the coming months would depend on the prices of foodstuffs in the markets, the speed and effectiveness of interventions, as well as the security situation in the sub-region.

According to the survey, a deterioration of these factors would limit access of families to food, especially in areas with moderate and serious food insecurity.

In Niger, the latest agricultural campaign ended in a deficit of 343,566 tons of cereal and more than 6.708 million tons of dry grass for cattle, that is 30% of requirement.

Pana 31/01/2014