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African Union: AUC says committed to improve links with stakeholders

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Set to carry out its three-year Strategic Plan, the African Union Commission (AUC) said Thursday it was committed to improve both internal and external communication with stakeholders of the Union.

“We will build institutional capacity through undertaking a number of human resource exercises to ensure the Commission is structurally effective to achieve its mandate,” AUC Deputy Chairperson Erastus Mwencha told journalists on  the sidelines of the ongoing 22nd Ordinary Session of the AU Assembly of heads of state and government.

After reporting an average 70 percent execution rate of its activities last year, Mwencha said the Commission would not only step up its performance but also further reduce ineligibilities as it continues to explore more ways for improving stakeholder communication.

The Commission’s Third Strategic Plan 2014-2017 outlines eight priorities, including promoting peace and good governance in Africa, expanding agricultural production and promoting inclusive economic development and industrialisation.

Other priorities relate to building Africa’s human capacity, mainstreaming the participation of women and the youth in continental programmes, and strengthening the institutional capacity of the Union.

“Most importantly, a lot of emphasis will be put on strengthening the Commission in order for it to be more responsive to the needs of the continent.

“The Foundation we lay in 2014 will set the tone and determine whether we will indeed achieve a shift in paradigm towards the realization of the African renaissance and reclaiming the African century,” Mwencha said.

Pana 30/01/2014