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APRM: Zuma presents SA's progress report to APRM summit

Cape Town, South Africa - President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday presented South Africa's third progress report on the implementation of the country's National Programme of Action to the 20th Summit of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Forum Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

PANA reports that President Zuma’s report shows that South Africa has made extensive progress in many aspects including economic development, governance, social security, health and infrastructure development in the past decade.

The report, compiled by different sectors of society, focuses on four thematic areas like democracy and political governance, economic governance and management, as well as corporate governance and socio-economic development, in addition to reflecting that South Africa is a better place to live than it was in 1994.

'The report on democracy and political governance reflects that South Africa has achieved better scores in the areas of political stability, good citizenship and poverty alleviation over the period 2009 to 2011,' said President Zuma.

He listed some other 'positive developments' during this reporting period as the successful Local Government Elections held in May 2012, which were declared free and fair just like the National Elections in 2009.

The President said South Africa continued to consolidate the foundations of strong economic management since the dawn of democracy.

'Since the last reporting period, the country has taken practical steps to encourage and enforce training for government officials in the area of financial management, with institutions such as the National Treasury and Auditor General intensifying efforts to build sound financial management capacity within the public sector,' he said.

The APRM was established in 2003 under the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and is voluntarily acceded to by African Union (AU) member states.

There are currently 33 AU member states participating in the APRM, which has the mandate to ensure that the policies and practices of participating states conform to the agreed political, economic and corporate governance values, codes and standards on Democracy, Political, Economic and Corporate Governance as contained in the 2003 Abuja Declaration on Democracy, Political, Economic and Corporate Governance.

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