Last updateVen, 30 Jan 2015 9pm

Armed forces retake air base from pro-Kadhafi gunmen - Libya

Tripoli, Libya - The Libyan armed forces Tuesday regained control of the Tamahanat air base, some 30 kilometres from Sebha in northeastern Libya, from gunmen made up supporters of the toppled regime of the late Mouammar Kadhafi, according to the Libyan Minister of Culture, Al-Habib al-Amine.

Al-Amine, who is currently visiting the region, told the Libyan News Agency that Libyan Air Force planes bombed several targets around Samouna near the base and that 18 Kadhafi men were arrested.

He said the Air Force was effectively monitoring the area.

Pro-Kadhafi gunmen had taken advantage of the clashes across the country to seize the Tamahanat military base from where they planned and carried out attacks in different parts of Libya.

PANA reports that the clashes broke out on 11 January between the Toubou and Awlad Sulayman tribes in which at least 88 persons were killed and 130 others injured.

Pana 29/01/2014