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Insurance: Dar vows to support health insurance funds

Health insurance funds-Tanzania - The government has vowed to continue supporting efforts by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), particularly in encouraging the public to join the Fund, as well as the Community Health Fund (CHF), so as to benefit from medical services provided.

The Deputy Minister of Community Development, Gender and Children, Dr Pindi Chana, made the remarks when he visited NHIF pavilion during the 50th anniversary of Tengeru College of Social Development in Arusha.

"You are doing a great job, we are willing to support you through availing social development officials," said Dr Chana who said that the public will understand and subscribe to these services in order to be sure of getting treatment.

At the ceremony, NHIF provided free medical checkups, education on how to protect oneself from contagious diseases as well as enabling the public to join the organisation and get medical services.

The NHIF Acting Director General, Hamis Mdee, used the opportunity to ask community development officers to encourage people to join the Funds, as it was the only way to save a citizen and guaranteed him/her to get treatment at any time.

"The capital of any citizen is his own health. You cannot do any development activities if you are not healthy and treatment costs are currently high so the easiest way is to join these Funds," he said adding that his organisation continues to improve services to overcome challenges, said Mdee.

Commenting on the strategy of public education, the NHIF Acting Director of Marketing and Research, Christopher Mapunda, said the Fund employees various educational strategies.

He said that the issue of education provision is sustainable before asking the public to use opportunities available to join these service funds.

Tanzania Daily News/29/01/2014