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International meeting on environment and oil industry opens

The second international conference on the oil industry devoted to the assessment of the environmental impact of the oil industry opened on Tuesday in Tripoli. Held under the theme 'Oil environment between current challenges and ambitions of the future', the meeting, which is being attended by the Libyan Acting Oil and Gas Minister, Omar Chakmak, and the representatives of global oil companies, is expected to discuss several issues on the assessment of the effect of oil on the environment, oil spills, the response to emergencies as well as risks associated with fuel gas stations and related services.

Participants will also debate pollution of soil and groundwater, the management of pollution in ports and beaches as well as the management of the atmosphere, climate change, environmental geology, remote sensing applications, geographic data systems in the field of ecology, technology used to treat contaminated sites and solid waste management.

The President of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference, Mr. Massoud Amtir, said that the meeting was an opportunity for Libya to see more clearly the environmental issues affecting its oil industry in particular and the world in general.

Finding adequate technical solutions to problems raised to ensure sustainable industry as well a balanced and healthy environment remains one of the objectives of the meeting, Libyan news agency LANA quoted M. Amtir as saying.

Pana 18/06/2014