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Tunisia: NGOs denounce article 20 of draft Constitution

Constitution Tunisia - Tunisian and international NGOs, including the Human Rights Watch, on Tuesday decried the introduction of the phrase “male and female citizens” in article 20 of the Tunisian Constitution whose adoption is being discussed at the Tunisian National Assembly (Parliament).

According to the organizations, the Constitution must clearly highlight absolute gender equality between men and women who the NGOs insist ought to enjoy that equality before the law.

There should not be any gender-based discrimination in all the spheres of life (cultural, economic and social) in line with international human rights law, they said.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International had, in a joint communiqué issued on 3 January, 2014, appealed for a review of article 20 of the draft Constitution in a bid to promote the “principles of gender equality before the law”.

Pana 08/01/2014