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Israeli raids on Gaza dominate Mauritanian media

Nouakchott, Mauritania - The media in Mauritania devoted most of their pages this week to the air and land strikes by the Israeli army against residents of the Gaza strip, leaving some 200 persons dead in only a few days.

In its Thursday’s edition, the newspaper, l’Authentique, ran the story under the headline “Government and opposition: a common march for the Gaza'.

The newspaper reported that pro-government and radical opposition parties seem to be working hand in hand with the overall goal to hold a common march for the Gaza populations.

Le Quotidien de Nouakchott reported the rally for the Palestinian people under the title, “Thousands of inhabitants march for Gaza”.

It said that men, women and children were part of the protest group for the Palestinians.

The newspaper TAHALIL also reported that protesters held marches in far away Beijing (China) by the embassies of all Arab countries to condemn what they called 'the barbarous Israeli strikes on Gaza strip'.

As for the M’bout populations, reeling under the bad effects of floods in the South of Mauritania following heavy rains, the newspaper, l’Authentique, said the people are living as martyrs in silence.

Floods have caused huge material damage, rendering many populations there homeless.

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